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Plastic contaminates every corner of the planet. It occupies the least touched parts of our world, from Arctic ice to the deepest ocean trenches, to the food we eat and even our air. With its love for individually wrapped cookies, fast fashion, and millions of PET bottles sold per day—one country sits right at the heart of the global plastic issue: Japan.

PLASTIC LOVE! traces the origins of Japan’s toxic relationship with plastic, unraveling a complex system of unsustainable practices that have led the country to become one of the planet’s worst hidden plastic polluters. Diving head-on into the colorful world of Japan’s waste, we witness how our everyday trash travels through the hands of waste collectors, to the nation’s largest incinerator, dump sites where new land is created from trash and a small community in the mountains that aims for radical change.

As Japan tries to move towards a circular economy, where materials are not wasted but reused, we take a hard look at our system of mass-consumption and mass-waste management, and speak to Japan’s most inspiring social changemakers to help us re-draw the global narrative from false solutions such as recycling and bioplastics, to a new system that eradicates the idea of waste altogether.

Unwrapping Japan’s Toxic Affair With Plastic

Documentary Film
Expected length: 90min
Original Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese, English